Find Royalty-Free Graphics on Your Home PC


Sib Icon Catalog indexes hundreds of royalty-free icon libraries and thousands of individual images, making it easy to lookup pictograms and choose images you need. All images indexed by this icon catalog come directly from the source, with on-time delivery guarantee, pre-sale and after-sale customer support and no strings attached.

Ready-made stock glyphs are a great way to cut down costs of image design. Available immediately, ready-made graphics are a perfect way to meet the deadline – no matter how close it happens to be. However, not all stock images are made equal.

Icon Catalog
Icon Catalog

Ready-made icon images vary in appearance, technical parameters, and flexibility of their licensing terms. Some graphic collections are available on per-project basis, and some require licensing fees, or royalties, paid as a commission from every sale of a product using those icons. It is in the best interest of the buyer of images to avoid licenses with royalty payments.

There are, of course, plenty of royalty-free stock cliparts on the Internet. In fact, there are so many that it is easy to get lost. Googling for ready-made icon images will return hundreds of thousands of results. Are there that many image designers? Not really. Most stock icons are sold through various affiliate schemes with often undisclosed licensing terms and conditions and dubious after-sale support.

Finding quality ready-made images with good licensing terms and appropriate technical parameters such as size and image format support becomes complicated. Here comes Sib Icon Catalog. Developed SibCode, this catalog software indexes hundreds of royalty-free ready-made image cliparts and thousands of individual icons, making it simple to search icons and choose images you need. All graphics indexed by Sib Icon Catalog come directly from the designer, with on-time delivery guarantee, pre-sale and after-sale customer support. Needless to say, all images in the catalog database come with a very straightforward license allowing customers to use them in as many programs, services, or other media as needed without paying any extras in royalties or additional license fees.

Sib Icon Catalog makes it easy to search stock graphics, select and purchase images with full instant previews. Thousands of full-size sets are included with Sib Icon Catalog with no watermarks. All graphics are carefully tagged, making it simple to search for the right image. Sib Icon Catalog helps designers and webmasters to meet the toughest deadlines with on-time delivery guarantee. One can choose and purchase images and graphic packages right from Sib Icon Catalog.

All software icons indexed by Sib Icon Catalog are technically sound, coming in various resolutions, file formats, versions, and color depths. Typically, every pictogram or icon collection is supplied in ICO, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats in three versions: standard, highlighted, and disabled . Icons of 16×16 to 256×256 pixels are available in both 256-color and 32-bit True Color resolutions. Sib Icon Catalog is totally free and can be downloaded at

Color Your Own Interfaces With the Innovative Microsoft Windows Symbols

GUIs play a distinguished purpose in enhancing the usability as well as appearance. Proceed a step further more through the help of up to date symbols on the market here and make your own softwares interesting to use and uncomplicated to understand, by using aid from a few intelligently developed design you can use through this great site.

A certain MR. Fred R Barnard inside a journal in 1921 stated a few key phrases, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, possibly he may n’t have concluded the specific relevance of your phrases at that time, or perhaps the guy did, as even more than 90 years just after making this proclamation we strive to discover a growing number of methods to use it. Barnard can have said it although bearing on the specific potential of pictorial advertisements, nevertheless a number of decade’s back it observed their way into the world of coding while using coming of Graphic guis the moment images as well as symbols changed re-writing intricate command-line arguments.

Employing uncomplicated, clear to see designs will go a long way straight into making the lifestyle of your end user much easier. By simply putting all of these designs not only do you help make that simpler to find their way, it really helps make the user interface more attractive.

You will get the hands on over seven-hundred these kinds of designs right here, all of them at a cost of ninety nine greenbacks. The graphic is available in a dimensions comparable to a square of 48 pixels which may have a translucent backdrop along with a pic of twenty-six by 26 pixels on the centre. these artwork works with your entire MS Windows 8 plus Windows phone applications can be found in the PNG file format are available in any of 14 unique colors between the typical blue, red and additionally green up to the more different navy along with light-red, and can be utilized with or without the surrounding circles.
Customize each and every web page on your pc with the assistance of everyone of these expertly made symbols plus go ahead and take hard drive application to a totally new level; you’ll be able to replace symbols for those usual features for instance redo, undo, back, refresh and so on. along with a majority of these visually appealing visuals. Combined with normal versions, you choose through lots of off uniquely developed photos that you’ll have some fun setting functions to, you have a cardiologist symbol, a motor man icon, a investigator symbol, some sort of auditor icon and doubtless the best angel symbol.

All of these icons, as I have stated previously, are available in an entirely deployable style, you will get their hands on all of them the instant you complete the advance and you then are free to use all of them in all of the conceivable tactics. A stylish user interface could possibly make time on the job look way a lot easier and helps save by becoming fatigued at your inner levels by going through those extensive group of directions. Effortless navigation, enticing interface as well as good performance lie in the center of each application, by using this particular pack you will find the user interface additionally, the routing portion protected, the only affair that is definitely stopping you from building a cutting edge application is you. Get a hold of all these symbols right now and then revitalise the whole programming practical experience.